Starting Up Again

Blue and Yellow cane incalmo vaseI have to admit that I wasn’t looking to start making again for a little while. My girls are still very young, my house is a mess and needs repairs as well as basic attention, and in general I have not given making things a priority leaving much of my creative space in disarray.

Well I have been presented an opportunity that would not come my way again, and I cannot let it pass by. I am to take over running the glass shop at Rocky Mount Center for the Arts this fall. It is a daunting task as Carolyn Rogers, the primary glass artist that started the shop, is moving out to Seattle to further her own studies. She made due with a make-shift crew that she happened upon and trained from the ground up. I’ve been assisting her for the past couple of years since I stumbled upon her shop after my family and I moved here to Rocky Mount, VA. I still had fond memories of working in the hot shop in undergrad, so I jumped in. Hopefully I will be able to make the glass shop as productive as Carolyn has made it.

Wish me luck.